How to Pay for Treatment

Once you’ve decided to enter treatment, the big question becomes, “How do I pay for it?”

The best way to cover the cost of treatment is undoubtedly through insurance; however, not all policies cover detox and rehab. We believe that treatment should be available to everyone, so we strive to keep our premiums as low as possible and will help you find ways to prevent finances from getting in the way of your recovery. Whether our program is the right fit for you or not, we will stick with you as a personal advocate and make sure that you find what you are looking for.

Insurance Verification

We’ve got you covered. We accept most insurance providers. Simply fill out the insurance verification form below, and our admissions representative can pre-verify your insurance benefits information for you.

Your insurance may cover up to 100% of treatment. Give us a call to find out now 888-877-7326

Plus many more

Your personal information is 100% confidential and will never be shared.

You can also have our admissions team verify benefits by phone. Simply call: 888-877-7326