Y & Y Recovery is founded upon the principle that Detoxification and Residential Treatment are the ideal settings for stabilization, defined as “the process of becoming or being made unlikely to change, fail, or decline” and the interruption of the substance use cycle. The focus of our treatment takes form through the following principles:

1) Building Coping Skills

2) Utilizing Living Skills

3) Helping individuals redefine their motives and passions for ongoing recovery and abstinence.

4) Understanding Harm Reduction.



We seek to enhance the lives of those persons suffering from the disease of addiction. We believe that effective detox and treatment “begins by acknowledging that the health and dignity of the individual reigns supreme.” We are people treating people, humans treating humans with discernment and a non-dogmatic approach.

Our programs are designed to treat the “whole” individual, emotionally, physically and spiritually. What we encourage here at Y & Y Recovery is the individual’s growth, family integration and support, which seeks to benefit not only our clients but extends to future support and compassion towards recovery throughout our communities.


Relapse is an all too common occurrence during recovery. When a patient of mine relapsed, she did not want to go into a program that would undo all of the progress we had made, so I referred her to Y&Y Recovery. The staff was very cooperative, and the experience was a positive step forward for us all.

— Dr. John S., Psychotherapist

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