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The process for choosing the right treatment center is fraught with anxiety, as there never seems to be enough time to be sure that the right choice is being made. Questions such as: “What makes one treatment center different from another?” or “How can I be sure my loved one will get the help they need?” We understand how overwhelming this process can be, as we navigate these issues with families and potential clients almost daily.

Y & Y Recovery wants you to know that we are willing to be transparent about how we operate, and we will not over promise and underdeliver services as we are crystal clear about what we can treat and what outcomes are possible. During this process our goal is to educate families and potential clients, make referrals if your loved one or you are not the right fit and create space for confidence in your decision and treat you or your loved one as part of our family.

Our admissions counselors will guide you or your loved one through the admissions process and treatment options.

Assessments are always free and 100% confidential.

Your personal information is confidential and will never be shared.

You can also have our admissions team verify benefits by phone. Simply call 888-877-7326