Y & Y Recovery is founded upon the principle that Detoxification and Residential Treatment are the ideal settings for stabilization, defined as “the process of becoming or being made unlikely to change, fail, or decline” and the interruption of the substance use cycle. The focus of our treatment takes form through the following principles:

1) Building Coping Skills

2) Utilizing Living Skills

3) Helping individuals redefine their motives and passions for ongoing recovery and abstinence.

4) Understanding Harm Reduction.

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Meet our staff, tour our facility,
explore our mission, and discover what makes our approach unique.

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How to get help

Taking the first step to help yourself or a loved one is always the toughest.

Begin engaging this process by inquiring about Y & Y Recovery’s treatment programs and individualized treatment planning.

“Y&Y recovery saved my life. Their team went above an beyond to ensure my full recovery and that I had a plan/program for when I got out. I’ve been to countless treatment facilities, and I’ll be damned if this wont be the last. The counselors are experts in the field and oversaw my addiction treatment as well as other mental health issues skillfully, and in conjunction with top doctors to make sure I was getting the proper medication. I was on death’s doorstep, and by a miraculous twist of fate I ended up at Y&Y Recovery. I’d recommend Y&Y Recovery as “the last stop,” in that you will get everything you need and then some, and would urge anyone seeking treatment to call them with confidence that this will be the first step to your new life.”

Vince, Alumni of Y&Y Recovery